And in the top ten this week!

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has heard an interesting case relating to a claim where a large number of issues were raised by the employee.

A GP worked as a partner in a GP practice. After she became pregnant, she alleged a number of complaints in relation to discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The evidence and facts for these points overlapped and she raised over 30 separate points for consideration.

At a preliminary hearing the Employment Tribunal (ET) ordered her to pick her 'top 10' issues for consideration which she was not inclined to do and she appealed.

The EAT held that the ET was entitled to deal with the management of the case but in so doing, had to be fair and just to the claimant. In requiring the claimant to choose her 'top 10' at such an early stage, the ET had not considered the potential unfairness of excluding some claims. The EAT sent the matter back to the ET for consideration.

It is important for claimants to think about the content and context of their claims.  The case does provide reassurance confirming that, just because there are complex or overlapping facts, this does not mean that they cannot be properly and fully considered by the ET.

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