House price watch

Your home may well be one of your major assets. Even if you are not planning on moving in the near future, it is always a good idea to keep abreast of the latest changes in the housing market.

Below is the March 2020 comparison of three major national house price indexes to keep you in touch with where the market is heading.

Please note that there will also be regional variations.

Note: We have included the March 2020 house price watch figures below. But it does seem appropriate to point out that the speed with which the property market has slowed since the lockdown was announced on 23 March 2020 means that the figures below already seem out of date. The headline in the Nationwide March 2020 Housing Price Index press release is 'Annual house price growth ended higher before the pandemic struck the UK'. The press release observes that 'a lack of transactions will make gauging house price trends difficult in the coming months'. We will continue to report on these trends and figures - but it is safe to assume that a significant drop will be recorded and there will always be a 'lag' between the time when the forecasts are prepared and the actual market conditions given the unprecedented speed with which market conditions are changing.

Source Period covered Average house price Monthly change (%) Change past year (%)
Rightmove house price index March 2020 £312,625 1.0% up 3.5% up
Halifax house price index March 2020 £240,384 0.0% up 3.0% up
Nationwide house price index March 2020 £219,583 0.8% up 3.0% up