Lasting Powers of Attorney

The inexorable drive towards digitisation has at least been halted regarding the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). An LPA is a legal document which allows a person, known as the 'donor' to appoint one or more people, known as the 'attorney/s', to help them make decisions or, to make decisions on their behalf. 

The ability to appoint someone to assist with their affairs can be a lifeline for many and, it is fair to say, people often do not think about appointing an attorney until their later years. Since the introduction of LPAs in 2007, the government has consistently encouraged people to produce their own documents where possible (although many find to their cost that legal advice at the time the LPA was entered into would have been beneficial). 

The government was considering introducing an all-digital channel to deal with the creation of LPA's. However, it has been confirmed that the government proposes to introduce a digital service so that people will be able to make an LPA completely online for the first time. However, crucially for many, the current paper-based system will continue to operate, meaning that people can choose an accessible process that is best for their specific needs.

Making an LPA is an important decision for everyone involved. One of the most effective ways to protect against fraud, undue influence and abuse is to take specialist legal advice to create an LPA.

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